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Hello Fellow Sailors,

Our design brief, "make the best sail possible for it's intended wind and water conditions". 

We offer a super targeted line-up of just 8 sails, each sail individually designed around it's intended
use.   Simply put, we thoughtfully craft each sail by considering what the real world conditions the
sail will be used in. 

Happy Sailing,

Jim Ballantyne


The Surge has been a test favorite of the magazines for many years because it's bomber, crisp, light and has huge range.  Ask someone who owns one, this sail is the perfect do it all sail.


Surge 3.7m
Surge 4.2m
  381/370 - 154
Surge 4.7m

405/400 - 162 $519
Surge 5.2m
  422/400 - 172 $549
Surge 5.7m
  441/430 - 177 $579
Surge 6.3m
  451/430 - 200 $589

The Blast
was designed to simply be the most powerful sail possible in a given size. Two asymmetrical and very easy to rig cams lock the draft in place to give this sail surprising top end, but the low end, grunt horse power this sail offers is second to none in a given size.

luff/rec mast  boom  
Blast 7.5
475/460 200 $599
Blast 8.5
511/490 213 $642

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