Electric Bikes are here and are opening new avenues for all to enjoy miles of fun.  Some of our E-Bikes offer a range up
to 93 miles.  The beauty of E-Bikes is they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people who otherwise would
not be able to ride as fast or as far as they wish.

Our e-bikes compliment your pedaling, they do not replace it.  Torque sensed pedal assist is simply "you, only faster".

Stop by and test one soon.

  Fifield Jetty $1,699  
  Fifield Seaside $1,799  
  Fifield Bonfire S $2,199  
  Fifield Bonfire L $2,199  
  Fifield Rogue Wave $2,999  
  Gazelle Medeo T10+ $3,499 Bosch Motor
  Gazelle Medeo T9 $2,499 Bosch Motor
L Specialized Vado SL $4,500 Swiss Motor

Want more info, or specific bike pictures? - Text us @ 774 247-5099  (this is a text only number)

Or, just give us a call 508 759-6559



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